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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Webkinz Pegasus - WEBKINZ ROCKS!

Webkinz pegasus seems stiffer not as “bean baggy” or floppy and playful as some of the other animals.

I got a webkinz for Christmas, and I am very picky about my toys: once something else better comes along, I sometimes forget about my other toys. I have had my webkinz for about four months now, and I am STILL not tired of it! So please, parents, listen to me: I know I am just a kid, but I know what other kids like, and this is one of the most popular toys now a days! So, if you need the perfect present for a child 6-13 (the recomended ages), look no further than a cute, cuddly webkinz! - Customer review.

Welcome to Webkinz World

What is a Webkinz? A Webkinz is a Plush Pet that has access to a kid safe online interactive environment where the plush is transformed into a pet. Each Webkinz arrives with its own unique special tag and Webkinz secret code. This code is the password into Webkinz World, an interactive, educational, online environment created for your entire family to enjoy and interact in. After logging in, the adoption process begins and kids can name and learn all about their new Webkinz pet and print their adoption certificate. It is a wonderful world of learning activities. There are rooms to build and design, trivia challenges to play, and lots of arcade games, too. You can shop for clothes, food, toys and furniture at the W shop. Members of the family can challenge each other in the arcade and be assured that kids are in an Internet Safe environment. No one can contact your child for personal information. It is all age appropriate and tons of fun! April 29, 2007 was the 2nd year anniversary of the Webkinz!

Guide to Purchasing - Webkinz are 8-1/2 inch pets and Lil Kinz are 6-1/2 inch pets. When searching on Ebay for Webkinz beware of claims that Webkinz are retired. Although all of the Webkinz and Lil Kinz can be extremely hard to find in most Brick & Mortar Locations, the only officially retired Webkinz at this time (updated 12/12/07) are the Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat, Pegasus, Horse, Basset Hound, Gold & White Cat, White Unicorn, Gray & White Cat and the newly retired Gorilla. The lil' Kinz has finally retired a couple - the Gorilla and the Unicorn. The Love Puppy, The Sherbet Bunny, Love Frog, Black Cat and The Reindeer are Seasonal items. The Alley Cat, Cheeky Monkey & Black & White Cat are speculated to retire soon based on thier age but I have seen some stores that are still taking orders for these. Basically, the company tries very hard to keep the retirements secret and until they officially put a retired stamp across thier picture it is just a guessing game. You can go to & click on Webkinz catalog for a complete list of Webkinz and to print off a wish list. You can also take a virtual tour of the website.

Rare items to look for - Some Webkinz do not have a Magic W's on them The Ganz Company said "When we made our very first Webkinz pets, they did not have Magic Ws on their paws. When we ran out of those pets and made more, we started adding Magic W's. " Another rare find would be a Webkinz with double Magic W's, those were a factory mistake. Also, there are some that have a nice embroidered tush tag with a red heart and the name Ganz in red, instead of the standard black and white tag that most of the Webkinz have. All of the striped Alley Cats have one blue and one green eye this is not a sign of rarity.

New Releases - Some recently released were the Black Lab, Koala Bear, Dalmatian & Clydesdale Horse. Look for upcoming releases of a Black Cat for Halloween and a Reindeer for Christmas. There are some sellers taking pre-orders for a new Black Stallion, German Shepard and a Love Frog which may replace the Love Puppy this Valentines Day. I have only seen a picture of these but they seem like they are of a different quality plush. I could not find anything about an official release date from Ganz so you will have to take the sellers word for when they will be available. Also be careful because some presales are for a coupon that you redeem for the Webkinz - Do you redeem it at your local retailer? Will they have any available? Or will the seller be the one that you redeem the coupon with? Please make sure before bidding. Most good sellers welcome questions and will reply in a timely manner.

May 2007 - Ganz officially added the Beagle and Spotted Frog to the website! June 2007 - Ganz has now officially added the Husky and the Raccoon to the website! July 2007 - An adorable Chocolate Lab and a Black Stallion Horse are now part of Webkinz World! December 2007 - It is getting hard for me to keep up with all of the new releases and the growing product line. Some of the new releases are Pinto Pony, German Shepard, A "Gorgeous" Collie, Charcoal Cat, Penguin and I just saw a Turtle added to the Ganz Website.

Webkinz Trading Cards - Webkinz has started to release trading cards! The first released set includes 80 base set cards featuring Webkinz Pets, Characters, items and recipes. There are also 3 Subsets: Challenge Cards - Challenge a friend to play against - there are 15 of these to collect. Curio Shop Curiosities - See rare items up close with these 8 different FOIL cards. Webkinz Doodlez Cards - 8 FOIL Cards of never before seen sketches by Webkinz Artists. Each deck also includes one card with up to 5 feature codes to type into the new Code Shop & Unlock a virtual prize for your Webkinz Pets.

Webkinz Charms - Webkinz is now selling Charm Bracelets and Charms. Each charm comes with a feature code to enter into the Code Shop. Once the code is entered a new area in Webkinz World will be opened up to you - The Magical Charm Forest! In the Forest you will find Good Fairies which will have Pixie Pods that carry Forest Charms and other prizes. The Good Fairies also sometimes drop keys which will open hidden doors in the forest where you will find more Pixie Pods. Along the way you will also find Bad Fairies that will try to try to trick you and prevent you from finding more Pixie Pods. Collect 8 different Webkinz Charms to unlock all 40 of the Forest Charms!

Webkinz EVERYTHING - Webkinz (Ganz) no longer just has plush stuffed animals. First they added Trading Cards which was a logical step, then came the Charms, now they also have a line of Body Spritz and Lip Gloss, An entire Webkinz Clothing Line, Knapsacks, Purses, Mouse Pads, Gift Bags, Stickers and Bookmarks. Of course, almost everything has its own secret code to unlock things on the website. I was a little disappointed in the bookmarks as I was expecting what I deem as a "normal size" bookmark but they are actually on the small side, not quite an inch and a half across and about four inches long and they are magnetic (not sure why a bookmark should be magnetic)? The magnet is located in the bottom of the bookmark but mine had a weak magnet and it just kept sliding down the fridge! I only paid $1 for the bookmark and my daughter got her "code" so it was O.K for the money. THIS INFO WAS LAST UPDATED JANUARY 2008 AND THEREFORE IS ONLY CURRENT TO THAT DATE.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Webkinz Goldfish

This webkinz goldfish is brand new and is a proud member of the webkinz team. Goldfish are very popular aquarium fish and very colorful. Goldfish love lots of plants in their aquariums too. This is a very friendly fish and is looking for a family to love. "Please take me home with you."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Webkinz Husky - The Wonder of Webkinz

The Webkinz Husky Dog is part of the trademark Ganz Webkinz Plush Pet Collection. Each Webkinz comes in mint condition with a secret code attached for use on the Webkinz World website.
"This big dog is a faithful friend, willing to do what it takes to make sure you have an amazing time in Webkinz World! Not only is the Husky friendly and strong, but this proud pooch is also full of energy. If you love to play, the Husky is the pal you’ve been looking for!"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What is Webkinz?

Webkinz are stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company on April 29, 2005. The toys are similar to many other small plush toys. However, each Webkinz toy has an attached tag with a unique "Secret Code" printed on it that allows access to the "Webkinz World" website. On Webkinz World, the Secret Code allows the user to own a virtual version of the pet for virtual interaction.
There are also smaller, less expensive versions of the toys called Lil' Kinz. In June 2008, Webkinz opened its own eStore, where users can buy virtual items such as furniture and virtual pets.